Why contribute ESG data?
• Measure your performance - you'll have the ability to view all ESG measures and scores for your company across a customizable time frame. See how you perform across each of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and benchmark against your peers.
• Enhance and grow your reputation - ensure that your firm is recognized for contributing positively towards sustainable development and meeting socially responsible criteria. Your data will become part of a universe for building ESG-themed indices and funds, ensuring higher market attention.
• Gain competitive advantage - the ESG Contributor Tool helps you to review, update, and publish your firms ESG data within the Refinitiv ecosystem - meaning the investment world has access to the most timely ESG data on your company.
Why contribute Events and Officers & Directors data?
• Ensure your firms events data gets exposure and is represented in our products
• Make updates as they happen, rather than waiting for our team to source them from public filings
• Gain market exposure by being part of this extensive database and Refinitiv's product reach
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